A multi-functional air treatment system, efficient and suitable for all greenhouses types.

More than a dehumidifier, it is an air treatment system that provides the crop with a response to the varying needs of temperature and humidity.

The strengths of the AirGaïa system


High dehumidification capacity. Accurate control of temperature difference between blowned air and the ambient air. (e.g. from -4°C to +4°C to avoid crop stress) Very important in summer and half-season when the greenhouse must stay as fresh as possible.

Renewable Energy Heating

With the efficiency of a heat pump (up to 4kWh of heat for 1kWh electric).

Cooling down

Complement of dehumidification, useful in hot periods.


Strong air flow, with the possibility of bringing in outside air when conditions are favorable.

Diffuse air via ducts

Positioned at the heart of the culture for a gentle diffusion of the treated air. Possibility to work with different diameters and use existing ducts.

Discreet implementation

The units respect the implantation of the crop and do not interfere with the workflow in the greenhouse. No drop shadow generated. They are integrated into the greenhouse and its aeraulic operating principle.

Interfaced with the climate computer

Our PLC can operate autonomously or be supervised by a climate computer.

New generation refrigerant

Has low global warming potential and still available after 2030.

Our offer

At the start of each project, we establish together a set of specifications gathering your needs and constraints. We define with you the right solution.

For each project, AirGaïa carries out a study with the software HORTINERGY, which simulates the energy and climate requirements at hourly intervals. Hortinergy is a software developed by Agrithermic, specialized in greenhouse energy efficiency.

We are able to model its performance in your environment.  It takes into account the  following parameters:

  • Geographical area,
  • Type of greenhouse,
  • Type of crop,
  • Periods of operation,
  • Type of heating,
  • Cost of energy,
  • Expected climate guidelines.

We have efficient answers for any type of greenhouse and any type of crop.

AirGaïa is at your disposal to carry out a detailed study of your project.