Energy performance dedicated to modern and sustainable agriculture.

AirGaïa provides greenhouse growers with innovative air treatment solutions for low-carbon and pesticide-free cultivation.

For any greenhouse and cultivation types

Greenhouses are a response to the global challenge of providing food to a growing population. There is still a lot of room for improvement in terms of energy consumption for greenhouses.
This is precisely the objective of AirGaïa !

Reducing energy consumption

The AirGaïa active dehumidification keeps the greenhouse closed and therefore saves the heating energy lost during aeration. For each project, AirGaïa carries out a detailed study to calculate the annual energy consumption saving.

Grow without

AirGaïa keeps the air below a humidity maximum threshold, and thus prevents the development of diseases.

This allows growers to work without pesticides.

Our values

traitement air culture serre durable

Developing energy efficent solutions and utilising renewable energies

No energy consumption wasted, utilisation of renewable energies, use of high-performance components, innovation in order to make accessible solutions enabling sustainable agriculture.

traitement air culture serre durable

Putting man
at the heart of our values.

AirGaïa's source of inspiration comes from passionate farmers who share their needs. These farmers, from their vast experience, provide their requirements. AirGaïa builds its developments based on these knowledge sharing exchanges.

Our strengths

A complete range of services

AirGaïa supports all phases of your project: from the study to the commissioning, through the training of the producer to the setting of the system.

Our expertise

AirGaïa makes its expertise available for climate engineering and industrialisation, to implement systems dedicated to greenhouse agriculture.

Continuous innovation

Innovation is a driving force for the AirGaïa team. Farmers challenge us to turn their needs into solutions, and AirGaïa takes great pleasure from sharing with them a passion for technology. AirGaïa’s innovative solution is patented.

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