AirGaïa designs and manufactures, in France, air treatment systems designed for greenhouse cultivation.

AirGaïa's goal is to facilitate greenhouse cultivation by improving its climate, to help farmers reduce their energy consumption and grow crops without pesticides.

AirGaïa addresses these challenges with its innovative air treatment solutions that use renewable energies and the most efficient components from Climate Engineering.

AirGaïa's values

Growers are the ones who know best about greenhouse cultivation.

They are a constant source for proposals. From the infancy of a project,  AirGaïa integrates them into the development cycle.

Nature at the center of our action and humans at the heart of our values.

These are the same qualities that must prevail in our human relations and in our relationship with nature: listening, sincerity, respect, altruism form a breeding ground for man to flourish and for a team to succeed.

AirGaïa's mission

Provide solutions to cultivate sustainably and build a human enterprise.

Greenhouses are a response to the global challenges of providing food for a growing population.

Some examples :

  • They protect crops from pests and make pesticide-free cultivation easier.
  • The water usage is precisely controled, allowing a saving of 90% of water consumption.
  • They protect crops from climatic extremes. The harvest period can be extended thanks to a more stable climate which allows an excellent production yield per m² of cultivated area.

AirGaïa studies the possible results for your project.

Greenhouses still have progress to make in terms of energy consumption and this is the goal of AIRGAIA. Low-carbon greenhouses are possible!

The practical elements of our contribution:

  • The system collects and recycles up to 80% of the volume of watering water contained in the air after evapotranspiration by plants.
  • Active dehumidification avoids having to heat and ventilate, thus reducing a significant part of the heating energy
  • Active dehumidification makes it possible to migratre from an average 10 MWh of fossil energy to 1 MWh of electrical energy per year per hectare.
  • For a tomato greenhouse, the savings are equivalent to the CO2 emissions of 40 revolutions of the earth by car per year per hectare.

AirGaïa’s Strenghts

Areas of Expertise

  • Heating and air conditioning, air treatment, renewable energies and energy-efficient processes.
  • Climate engineering (thermal, aeraulic).
  • System design, Industrialisation and production.

Agility and flexibility of a SME

To design and manufacture a customised product, perfectly meeting the needs of the customer.

A full range of services

From study to commissioning, including training of users of each system. This is the key to a successful project.

Industrialisation Experience

French quality production, by our own team, in our workshops.


We always move forward, we question yourselves, think outside the box and rebuild around new ideas.

Interest in international partnership

AirGaïa speaks 4 languages!

At the origin of AirGaïa


Fabien CUQ

Arts et Métiers mechanical Engineer.

Specialties: management, design and manufacturing, human resources and logistics.

Background: Associate Director of innovative SMEs for more than 20 years.


Vincent MALEY

Refrigeration technician and thermal engineer.

Experience in greenhouses: Development of the first generation of thermodynamic dehumidifier in 2010. Field monitoring of many installations.

Background: Head of Design Office and Sales in HVAC Engineering.