Thermodynamic dehumidification system

Monobloc thermodynamic dehumidifier

MB’AIR is a thermodynamic dehumidification system to control humidity and improve greenhouse growing conditions. It can blow the treated air into an air duct for even distribution. There are many possible installation options, such as under gutters, outside or high up.

The system has a ventilation system with the possibility to adjust the airflow rates according to the needs. High airflow rates can be achieved in ventilation only mode.

The refrigerant used is r32, a new generation of refrigerant with low global warming potential. Unlike the most used fluids today (such as R410A, R134a, R407C), the new generation fluids will remain easy to supply and competitively priced around 2030 and beyond.

For regulation, MB’AIR is available in two versions:
– A version that can be controlled by a climate computer
– A stand-alone version with a humidity sensor.

MB’AIR can be used with ventilation ducts to distribute the treated air to different areas of the greenhouse. This feature allows an even distribution of the treated air throughout the greenhouse, thus promoting plant growth.

Available sizes: 11.8-12, 23.9-24, and 35.7 36 Liters/hour at 20°C and 80% humidity