Medical cannabis solutions

Multifunctional system for climate control of medical cannabis cultivation in greenhouses or indoor

  • Dehumidification
  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Ventilation
  • Controlled supply air temperature.

HP’AIR is a complete climate treatment system that offers precise temperature and humidity control, energy efficiency and high airflow to optimise cannabis cultivation.

It is important to maintain the correct temperature and humidity in medical cannabis cultivation. HP’AIR is adapted to the needs of the plant regardless of the temperature and humidity requirements that vary throughout the day and year.

HP’AIR is able to control the amount of heat or cold provided during dehumidification in order to blow air at the right temperature for the plants, i.e. with a maximum difference of 4 to 5°C between the temperature of the greenhouse and the blown air. This is to avoid stressing the plants.

The excess heat generated during dehumidification can be used to heat the greenhouse during cool or cold periods.

HP’AIR can also provide thermodynamic cooling during the warmer months while maintaining an optimal humidity level for the plants.

In addition, with the freecooling function, HP’AIR can cool the greenhouse by taking fresh air from outside and blowing it into the greenhouse via the fan.

Good ventilation and air distribution are essential for successful cannabis cultivation. HP’AIR provides high airflow rates, which promote optimal air dynamics and climate uniformity in the greenhouse. These high flow rates can be achieved with a low noise level.

HP’AIR is able to have a dehumidification performance adapted to the actual environment. It also performs well at low relative humidities, with a high Liters/Hour flow rate and low power consumption. For example, for air at 24°C and 50%, the power consumption of 24 KW gives a result of 3.4 L/KWh.