Multifunctional air handling system with heat recovery function

DEMET’AIR + Heat recovery system

DEMET’AIR RECUP is a multifunctional air treatment system (DEMET’AIR) with a heat recovery system. The principle is to add an additional heat exchanger in the thermodynamic circuit.

The heat recovery system consists in recovering the heat lost during the operation of DEMET’AIR. The recovery is done via a low temperature water loop and a buffer tank. Let’s take as an example : dehumidification mode from 7 to 9am and from 17 to 19pm, the heat is loaded during dehumidification hours in the day, and it will be unloaded at night or when the greenhouse needs to be heated.

This system therefore reduces heating energy consumption. In addition, it is possible to dehumidify without heating, which is advantageous in hot weather or for crops that are sensitive to hot air blowing.