Dehumidification system with freecooling function

Thermodynamic dehumidifier with freecooling function

DEMET’AIR FREECOOLING is a thermodynamic dehumidification system designed to meet the temperature and humidity requirements for greenhouse cultivation.

DEMET’AIR FREECOOLING uses thermodynamic technology to dehumidify the air in the greenhouse. This technology extracts humidity from the air and condenses it, creating a more favourable environment for plant growth.

DEMET’AIR FREECOOLING has a freecooling function that allows the greenhouse to be cooled on hot days by using outside air. Often greenhouses are much warmer than the outside, reaching a difference of 5, 10 or even 15°C. The temperature remains too high for the crop even with ventilation via vents. To solve this problem, the freecooling function is used to draw in fresh air from outside and blow it into the greenhouse via the dehumidifier fan. The parameters for activating this function are defined in the controller, such as the maximum temperature in the greenhouse, the minimum temperature outside and the outdoor humidity. Compared to adiabatic cooling, this system is simpler and more economical.