Multifunctional air treatment system to provide an ideal climate for greenhouse cultivation

2 in 1 system: Dehumidifier + Heat pump providing a complete range of air treatment functions

  • Dehumidification
  • Heating by heat pump (without dehumidifying the greenhouse)
  • Cooling
  • Control of the amount of heat or cold provided during dehumidification mode. It is thus possible to dehumidify while bringing heat to the greenhouse to contribute to heating, or to bring cooling or to be neutral
  • Control of the supply temperature (for example, to avoid stressing certain sensitive crops, limit the difference between the supply temperature and that of the greenhouse to 4°C)
  • Ventilation only

DEMET’AIR is a multifunctional air handling system designed to meet the climatic needs of the greenhouse. The system uses dehumidification technology to control humidity and can blow air at a temperature adapted to the needs of the crop.

Thanks to its patented function of controlling the amount of heat or cold supplied, DEMET’AIR can dehumidify the air while maintaining a constant temperature. This function optimises the humidity and temperature of the air to promote plant growth.

DEMET’AIR has a 100% heat pump mode, which allows to heat the greenhouse without dehumidifying. The user sets the price of his electricity, the tariff ranges, the price of the alternative heating energy and the programmable controller calculates the best heating energy of the moment according to the outside temperature.

The DEMET’AIR 2in1 Dehumidifier and Heat pump allows a quick return on investment. Depending on the project, DEMET’AIR can operate in dehumidification mode for 2000 to 4000 hours per year and in heat pump mode for 2000 hours per year for example.

The system also has a cooling function for hot periods.

DEMET’AIR is equipped with an air mixing function that ensures an even distribution of air in the greenhouse. This function optimises plant growth by providing adequate ventilation and avoiding air stagnation.