Dehumidification system for cold greenhouses

Dehumidifier for unheated greenhouses

Until now, there has been no dehumidifier that performs well in greenhouses with temperatures below 10°C.
Our new dehumidification system is designed to be effective in greenhouses with lower temperatures, between 0°C and 10°C. It effectively reduces the humidity in cold greenhouses.

Our highly innovative dehumidification system offers many advantages:
– Efficiency in greenhouses with low temperatures, between 0°C and 10°C, but also the ability to dehumidify if the greenhouse rises to 20 or 25°C on sunny days
– Operate without a defrost cycle down to 0°C greenhouse temperature
– Achieve very high performance in condensed litres per kWh of electricity consumed
– Positive heat balance: a few kW of heating brought to the greenhouse without going against the criteria of organic agriculture
– Its ventilation increases the mixing rate of the greenhouse
– Possibility of blowing into a duct
– Compact design
Plug&play installation:
1. Handling      2.Electrical connection     3. Condensate drain connection

Available for autumn 2023.