A French tomato grower equipped with an AirGaïa dehumidifier

Les Serres de la Grenière chose to equip one of their tomato greenhouses with an AirGaïa dehumidifier.

MB’AIR 20 was installed and put into service in March 2023.

The MB’AIR range has been designed to meet the needs of market gardening greenhouses and in particular tomato greenhouses. This crop, which has a large leaf area, generates a lot of humidity and needs precise climate control to ensure optimal growth.

The advantages of the MB’AIR AirGaïa are :
– Possibility of interfacing with the climate computer (Modbus, BacNet…) to exchange multiple data
– Control by the climate computer or autonomous operation with a hygrostat
– Wide range from 5 to 40L/h at 20°C-80%.
– Possibility to distribute the air in one or several ducts
– Can be installed under gutters between the heating rails pipes
– Can be integrated in a climate corridor by reusing existing ducts and fans.